3 Effective Ways To Skyrocket Your Twitter Followers

If you’re new to twitter & just starting out, chances are you have a limited amount of followers at the moment. Gaining a fan base can be tedious and stressful, but there are plenty of ways around this.

Now, I’m no twitter god or anything, but the methods I have applied are bringing in results that have proven to be successful time & time again.

When you are trying to build a brand for your business online, social media is your oxygen. Without it, you simply will NOT survive. Learning how to utilize Twitter will make your life so much easier.

Follow these 3 effective ways to skyrocket your followers:


1. Schedule Your Tweets

Automation is key if you want to see consistent results in connections. A recent study suggests that people who tweet on a regular basis have more followers. Scheduling your tweets are great because it saves you time so you can:

  • Focus on other marketing tactics such as advertising
  • Connect with people who may be sleeping when you’re awake, and vice versa
  • Increase your overall engagement; you spend less time tweeting live, therefore you can engage more

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I highly recommend trying out SocialOomph or Hootsuite when getting started. You can use them together or separate. Whether you want to just strictly schedule tweets, or track analytics, you can find these necessities easily available at no cost.

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 I do want to mention that there are paid versions of each too, but stick with the free programs to test which one benefits you more.


You can read the pros and cons to each automation program here, and then decide from there.


2. Tweet Quality Content

I can’t stress enough how important this one is. Nobody looks for boring things to read. People want to be inspired and feel like what they’re consuming is beneficial.

You want to make it appealing to viewers so they have the urge to share it with their followers.

Good content spreads like wild fires. As soon as it makes it to a certain stage of exposure, it can become viral within 24 hours.


Key Tip: Be sure to include links that trace back to other articles regarding your topic. You can create a positive stigma for yourself by sharing other people’s content.

Including helpful resources will make your target audience want to come back to your feed for more knowledge.

Take Jeff Bullas for example.

He is a blogger and the #1 Global ‘Digital Marketing Influencer’ of 2016. With 400,000+ followers on twitter, it’s obvious what he does is working. Every one of his tweets are packed with can’t miss content relating to social media marketing.

Once you have an established audience by tweeting good content, the amount of engagement will increase.


3. Join Twitter Chats

With over 450 million tweets sent out each day, I’m positive  there is something you can find of interest.

Before you dive in, be sure to:

  • Know the value your chat topic can bring to you
  • Be aware of what hashtag you’ll be using
  • Break down your questions separately


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Picking something relevant to your company or business is important when searching for a specific chat. Asking the right questions can impact your results you get from the chat itself too. Choosing your hashtag is the key to of all of this because it connects you to the most accurate topics being discussed.

If you’re marketing cars, try using hashtags such as “Hondas” or “Toyotas.”

Using short and simple ones will help you stay away from the irrelevant topics, and save you lots of time.


What About You?

These are just 3 of the many ways to increase your twitter followers. What about you? Do you have any strategies or techniques you’d like to add onto this?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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