Are You Capitalizing On Facebook Ads?

Unless you live under a rock, it’s pretty clear that social media is taking over the internet. Many businesses are taking advantage of the value that facebook ads bring.

Facebook’s amount of users succeed all other platforms combined. If you’re using it to build an audience, then it is very critical you utilize these resources. The amount of search options it has allows you to reach out to certain demographics that would be nearly impossible to do without the internet.

Now over 2 million users are implementing this program. Will you be the next one?

Here is why you should capitalize on facebook ads:

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#1. Everybody Uses It

9 out 10 people you ask will say they’ve either had, or continue to operate their facebook accounts.

According to Statisticbrain, the amount of monthly active users is 1.7 billion. If you do the math, that is 1/4th of the entire human population.

A couple other stats to go by include:

  • 75% of adults age 18 & older admit to using facebook at least once per month.
  • The average amount of time spent on facebook is 18 minutes.
  • 50% of users login on ANY given day.
  • Over 74 million facebook pages are active as of 2016.
  •  75% of users are NOT from the United States. (global outreach is important.)

The results are there, now it will take some effort on your side. Finding your demographic is the hard part.

Make sure to be specific when targeting your audience, as it will save you lots of time from searching through irrelevant topics. With a 12% increase of sign ups from 2014 to 2015, it seems like facebook isn’t leaving us anytime soon.

#2. Influences Your Buying Decisions

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Facebook is by far the most widely used platform in social media. It has become the go to place for owners to sell and buyers to purchase on the internet. As a matter of fact, 78% of people say that social media posts play an important role in purchasing a product.

A Couple Facts

  • Did you know that around 70% of investors that receive a recommendation from a social media contact do, in fact purchase that item?
  • Aside from that, a recent survey concluded that around 1/4th of  social media users have bought an item after it was shared.
  • Good reviews can make or break the way your product performs. Whenever you click on a link for a book, chances are it will take you to the detail page, where you will be able to read every single type of feedback it has received.

Word of mouth advertising is similar to your reviews, and is by far the most powerful form of offline marketing.

If you buy something from a business, and in return are satisfied, chances are you’ll be letting other people around you know. The share button on facebook pages are easily accessible. This gives readers and viewers a chance to let others know about your content.


#3. It’s Cheaper Than Other Sites

With laser-focused search options for your ads, facebook sure stands out with their cheap daily pricing as well. You can be exposed to thousands of potential likes and followers depending on your platform within 24 hours.

I’ve seen a friend of mine spend 2$ for the whole day on facebook ads, later resulting in 350 likes to his page. If you can’t afford 2$ per day, then you probably shouldn’t be in this type of business.

This great flexibility allows you to pay more attention to other cost factors in your business. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every month on empty promises from a third-party you never knew much about to begin with.

Are you debating between facebook or twitter for your ad campaigns?

Here is something that can help you make a better choice:


#4. You Gain Customers

Facebook ads are used to gain customers, right?

The whole point of creating this was for other means of exposure on the internet with advertising. Many businesses have their own page, and treat their campaigns as a chance to gain potential prospects.

Each year, the facebook executives release their revenue report. You can see below that advertising overpowers the other options of it’s earnings.

I highly suggest investing your money into this if you want your business to grow online.


If people click like on your ad, it will begin to show up on their news feed. After a post has been published, people who have “liked” this page will begin to see their updates and posts for themselves.

This increases your overall chances of a targeted audience being able to find your business niche, as they can share it with their friends as well.


In Conclusion

Whether you’re just getting started as a business, or you’re a 10 year blogger, facebook ads are a must have for advertising purposes. With the low daily budget settings, and laser-focused search options, the pros far outweigh the cons.

What about you? Do you feel like facebook ads are beneficial for everyone, or just certain niches?

If you’re a twitter user, let me know your comparison to both. Comment below your thoughts!!





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