4 Reasons Why Twitter Can Be Beneficial For Your Business

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313 million active users.

That’s the amount for Twitter as of early 2016.

Tons of business owners are turning to this app to search for potential prospects. Even with Facebook & Instagram in the mix, you can & should utilize this as soon as possible.

Using the right tools can help you be successful from the start. Track analytics, or learn how to schedule your tweets for more engagement. Every company wants to stand out and be the best.

In a recent survey, 56% of people admitted to not using Twitter simply just because they don’t know how to. If you’re trying to gain exposure for your business, starting with Twitter is a great first step.

Let me help you out. Follow me on Twitter so I can show you personally how to get started.

But first, check out these 4 reasons why Twitter can benefit your business:


1. You Can Market Yourself

As an owner of your corporation, creating a brand for yourself should be the most important priority. Thriving in a market that’s already saturated requires extreme dedication & hard work.

Luckily, marketing yourself via Twitter has great benefits:

  • You can promote your website or blog by adding your domain URL in the bio section.
  • Ability to share (retweet) other people’s content for others to see which can lead to more conversions.
  • Engagement is simple, as your followers can be on another continent. (World wide outreach is important).
  • It’s free & mobile friendly.

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2. Engagement With Customers

The main reason you should join Twitter for business is to establish trustworthy relationships with your customers. Gaining their trust should be a goal of yours because that can lead to future sales. A couple efficient ways to interact on Twitter would be:

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3. Your Sales Can Go Up

Twitter is not only a social media platform for quick updates anymore. The amount of sales produced from promoted tweets continues to increase year after year. Ad campaigns produced a 29% lift in leads who chose to explore a product further after being exposed to promoted tweets.


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Tip: Mobile users account for around 80% of advertising revenue, so be sure to make your website mobile friendly. 

Promote yourself daily and add a link of your blog or website in your bio section so you can attract more leads. 44% of users log on to browse for products and services, and yours can definitely be the next one they’re looking for!


4. Updating Continuously

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If you look at all the top companies on Twitter, chances are they have frequent updates being tweeted on their promotions and sales taking place. This is key to increasing engagement. Keep your customers posted DAILY on what they can look forward to.

Share content that is informative for your viewers so they can begin to trust you. Once you’ve gained their trust, they will continue to come back to your website or blog.

Holidays are a great time to promote your products, as consumers are looking for the cheapest and most reliable items to purchase. Start a deal when the holiday season starts, and then send out tweets with links so they can take advantage of them.


Give It A Shot!

Do you have Twitter? If not, you can still sign up at anytime. There are over 430,000 new accounts created on a daily basis. I highly recommend getting involved if you want to gain exposure for your business online.

Don’t know where to start? Follow me on Twitter, or check out these resources on how to gain more targeted followers quickly!

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