4 Valuable Ways To Get More Likes On Instagram

how to get more likes on instagram

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For most companies or brands, getting likes on your Facebook page or seeing someone re-tweeting your content is a great feeling.

With 1-2 clicks, your information can be shared with millions of users.

But have you thought about Instagram? This potent & addicting application has the second highest engagement rate out of ALL social media platforms, trailing only Facebook.

There are now over 400 million active users, and now is the time to join in. Once you’ve created your account, and connected it to other social media accounts, the amount of likes & exposure just start rolling in, right?

Think again.

Follow along as we break down the top 5 ways to get more likes on Instagram:

How to get more followers on instagram.

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#1. Always Engage With Your Followers

If you want people to like your posts, then you have to start interacting with your followers. Mention users that you think may benefit from your information, or direct message them a link to something they would enjoy reading. Make sure they are in your niche!

Let’s take a look at a couple other ways you can try:

  • Liking their photos
  • Comment on their content
  • Tagging them to other pictures

Acknowledge the ones that follow you, and chances are they will return the favor. Building a personal relationship via the internet can be tricky, but staying engaged can open up more opportunities down the road.


#2. Develop Irresistible & Relatable Content
how to get more instagram likes

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Take a look at the top Instagram accounts.

What do they all have in common? Pictures that pop out with meaningful emotions. Telling your story with images can really create an impact on your followers.

Don’t try too hard to post the perfect picture. Authenticity cannot be duplicated. The easiest way to improve your exposure is by uploading content that everyone can relate to.

Use correct punctuation, and honestly think about the type of pictures you like yourself. Adding a caption can make your images stand out from others, as it shows you are the real person behind the posts.


#3. Hashtags Help! (With a limit, of course.)

Instagram users are starting to utilize the hashtag more frequently than ever before. Be aware of which words you choose to use.

Thousands of images are uploaded by the minute, so it’s highly likely your hashtag will be missed if you use a more common word.

People tend to ask, how many hashtags should I use?

3 is a good number to start with. Increasing the amount can come off as too spammy, so try to avoid slapping useless words on your posts. Although this is a great method to gain more followers, it will not always result in more likes.

Loyal followers are better than random followers. Remember that.

Check out SproutSocial’s article on why you need to use hashtags. 

get more likes on instagram

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#4. Share Your Photos At The Right Times

You can’t get likes if nobody ever sees your images. Uploading your content at 4am is probably not the best thing to do. The average human being is usually asleep at this time anyways.

According to The Huffington Post, 5pm is the most beneficial time to be sharing your photos. 

People tend to check their social media platforms around the time they are getting ready to leave their offices. Majority work the typical 9-5 hours during the weekdays, and are looking to do some browsing.

Your post has around a 2.2 hour lifespan, so it is highly recommended that you implement these strategies!

The chart below shows an accurate illustration of when to hop on and do some uploading:

how to get more likes on instagram

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In Conclusion

What about you? How are you attempting to get more Instagram likes? If there is something missing from the list, I would greatly appreciate you sounding off below in the comments!

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