Web Hosting Software Review: HostGator


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The web hosting giant known as HostGator is here to stay.

When it comes to creating a website, you are required to have a web hosting program that can get you going.

That’s where HostGator comes in.

After using this software myself for a year,  I have decided to write my own product review about it.

I will list the pros & cons at the end of the article, hopefully helping you be able to decide if this would be right for you.

Let’s take a look.

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Why HostGator over competitors?

  1. Their support system
  2. Free incentives
  3. Affordable monthly premiums with unlimited domains
  4. Ease of installing plug-ins

5-Star Support System

Let’s say you purchase a product. A couple of days later, it breaks. What is the first thing you do?

Give the customer service department a call? Doubt begins to sink in as you wait on hold for 30 minutes, and then you immediately regret purchasing this item.

My point is, regardless of the product or service, a customer support system is the backbone to your company.

With HostGator, you get 24/7 support via:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat

I remember a specific event when I was trying to transfer an existing domain over to HostGator. I must have missed a key step, but after logging in to the chat help line, a representative responded to me within 5 minutes!! I was back up & running quickly, allowing me to stay on my deadline schedule for that day.

I know a couple of web hosting programs that don’t offer a phone number to call at all. Email is their preferred method of contact, but what if you have an immediate concern?


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Everybody loves FREE!

Signing up for their extremely cheap plans come with a couple of benefits at no extra cost to you.

These would include:

  1. Free website builder along with tools 
  2. Unlimited bandwidth 
  3. Unlimited disk space
  4. Free domain transfers (this one is awesome.)
  5. Over 4,000 website templates 


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Affordable Plans

Below you can see the monthly prices, all of which include the free benefits (and domains) mentioned above.

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I highly recommend the business plan if you’re serious about managing your website. You can request your toll-free number straight from the cPanel too! Each plan is quick & easy to understand with support one click away! 

HostGator puts a lot of money into their systems. In fact, they spent nearly 100,000$ on testing web hosting services just so we could have the best to work with. 

The hatchling plan is the only one that limits your number of domains, but for only a dollar more, you can increase that to an unlimited amount.


1-Click Installs

When it comes to installations, people want it done fast & effortless as possible. WordPress is one of the big services that you can install straight from HostGator.

To help you grasp it more efficiently, watch this useful video on how it’s performed: 

With WordPress, you can install hundreds of more plug-ins to your site. Although it does require a little bit more knowledge than the average beginner, HostGator comes packed with tons of extra bonuses that would normally cost you somewhere else. 

What Are Others Saying?


Ryan Frankel


HostGator, founded in 2002, has long been in the hosting industry. With over 90% customer satisfaction and 12,000 servers under management, they are one of the largest and most well-known web hosts. They offer dedicated and VPS options for customers whose sites grow to require the extra power.

Hostgator has been outstanding in term of server reliability. Personally, I have been with the Gators for the past 7 years (2008 – 2015) and I have to say their uptime record is remarkable.


Jeffrey L. Wilson


The feature-packed HostGator gives you all the tools to craft attractive, functional websites.


Art of Blog
Nick Reese


Overall, [HostGator is] an ideal source for shared web hosting and VPS solutions for bloggers or anyone else. The WordPress support and installation is easy, and the buy-what-you-need approach makes HostGator one of the most appealing options on the market.


Claire Broadley


It’s rare to find such a large hosting company that readily offers efficient live chat, email and phone support for free. The added extras, such as the eNom account and affiliate program, make them an ideal choice for a new business that’s looking to grow or white-label. All in all, they offer a rounded feature set for a good price with a whole host of extra features to keep loyal customers happy.


Nate Shivar


HostGator promises 24 x 7 x 365 service – and they actually delivered. I was transferring a development site from my HostGator account to my client’s host – and was having a technical problem (turned out to be a misstep I had taken) at 2am. I logged in on chat – and yep, got my questions answered right away. Fabulous.



In Conclusion

I would like to list the pros & cons along with my final opinion on it. HostGator has its advantages & disadvantages, but in the end, there was one key factor that attracts me & hundreds of other users.

                               Pros                                                                                         Cons                                                                                                                    

  1. Reliability & Support (my key deciding factor)                  1. Higher premiums
  2. Free bonuses                                                                                   2. One Domain With Hatchling Plan
  3. Free website builder 
  4. No long-term contracts
  5. Easy WordPress installation

Well, I hope this review gives you a more definitive choice on the web hosting plan, HostGator. If you’re looking for an excellent support team & fast loading times, HostGator will keep you running with no problems!


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