5 Brilliant Yet Simple Approaches To Increase Twitter Engagement

Increase twitter engagement

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Are you having trouble getting your tweets seen?

How impressive is your engagement percentage?

Without the right amount of engagement, you basically don’t even exist on Twitter. The impact & value it brings can shape you into a well-known commodity in the Twitter world.

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By the end of this post, you should be able to apply these valuable resources to your own marketing plan.

Let’s jump right in.

#1: Monitor your character count

With smaller limits compared to Instagram & Facebook, the process of keeping your tweets to 140 characters can be challenging. You’ve created this mind-blowing tweet, and nothing will stop you from posting it.

But when you go to hit tweet, you can’t click on it. That feeling of anger runs through your blood as you curse the Twitter gods in your head.

What if I told you……less means more.

In fact, if you can limit your tweets to around 100-110 characters, your engagement level increases by about 17%. Leaving some space to allow commentary should be encouraged, as this plays right into the whole engagement factor itself.

They may not be directly connecting to you, but sharing your information with their audience is just as helpful for you.

increase twitter engagement

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 As you see in the image above, leaving some room gives your followers the reasonable amount of characters to work with. Now they can share your content without eliminating an outlet for them to express their opinion about it.


#2: Incorporate tweets with links & images

According to social media scientist, Dan Zarrella, higher engagement comes down to one thing:

As the amount of links a user tweets increases, the number of followers they have also increases.


Lots of marketers are beginning to take full advantage of inserting links into the their tweets. You’d be surprised about how much attention you can receive.

increase twitter engagement

[Source: QuickSprout]

Here are a couple of key reasons why they help:
  1. Links contribute to 90% of ALL Twitter engagement.
  2. Tweets with links get around 85% more retweets.
  3. Adding an image to your link increases your chances of being retweeted by 150%

The data is all there. Tweets perform extremely well with media attached to them.

You can increase your click-through rate and favorites too. Even though there are other marketing methods that convert better with plain text, your content should contain links & images about 75% of the time.

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#3: Timing is everything

The image below breaks down the times you should be tweeting at.

As you can see, the 9am-12pm periods correlate to an increase in volume of tweets. Moving down the graph, you can see an advanced statistic that gives you the specific time zone you’re located in.

increase twitter engagement

[Source: Buffer]

Internet Live Stats reports that there are 350,000 tweets going out every minute.

In order for you to reach users outside of the United States, scheduling your tweets is a must.

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I highly recommend tracking your analytics with Google.

These are a couple of things you can keep tabs on:

  • Where your visitors are located (country & state)
  • The languages they speak
  • Which internet browser they are using
  • Your highest and lowest performing pages
  • The type of links people are clicking on

Here is an example of the demographic section. At the bottom left, you can view by language, country or city.

increase twitter engagement

[Source: blog.kissmetrics.com]

#4: Use hashtags the right way

In this section, I want to get a little more in-depth. A vast amount of users feel like a deer in headlights when it comes to utilizing the hashtag.  If you’re one of those people, keep reading.

What is a hashtag & what does it do?

A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.

Let’s take a look at these steps on how to search for a hashtag:
  1. Login to Twitter via mobile or desktop. (I’m using mobile in this example below.)
  2. Click on the magnifying class in the top right section of your Twitter app.
  3. A ‘Search Twitter’ box will come up, so type your words(s) you’re looking for.
  4. Hit search on the bottom right of your screen, and boom!
  5. Your hashtag you chose will appear on one large feed with every tweet using that same keyword.


In this image, great is the word they searched for. If you notice, all of the tweets that have the word ‘great’ in them will show up in one feed.

increase twitter engagement

[Source: Google Images]

Remember to keep your hashtags more short than long. You don’t want to interfere with the quality of your content due to a long hashtag. Be creative & never tweet anything off topic.

#5. No CTA’s, No conversions

Think of a couple big name marketers. We’ll start with the world’s #1 business blogger, Jeff Bullas.

His ability to create a sense of urgency on his readers is astounding. Getting your targeted viewers to take action should be easy, it’s knowing WHY they visit that keeps things interesting.

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Call to actions, otherwise known as CTA’s, is a simple instruction to your audience to generate an immediate response.

This usually results in them taking some sort of initiative to start applying the content they just took in.

increase twitter engagement

[Source: DanZarrella of Hubspot]

Ah, the good ol’ Dan Zarrella.

According to his case study above, adding the word ‘please’ in front of your verb can clearly produce success.

Being polite & respectful with your CTA’s towards your readers can help you stand out from everyone else. Remember to make it valuable as well. Create an impact so they will come back to your site for more content. Give everyone a reason why they should choose you over another blogger.

In Conclusion

What about you? Which methods work best for you? Is there anything you’d like to add?

I would love to hear from you all in regards to this.

Follow these examples & I guarantee you will see an improvement.

Please comment below & let me know your strategies on increasing your Twitter engagement.

4 Valuable Ways To Get More Likes On Instagram

how to get more likes on instagram

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For most companies or brands, getting likes on your Facebook page or seeing someone re-tweeting your content is a great feeling.

With 1-2 clicks, your information can be shared with millions of users.

But have you thought about Instagram? This potent & addicting application has the second highest engagement rate out of ALL social media platforms, trailing only Facebook.

There are now over 400 million active users, and now is the time to join in. Once you’ve created your account, and connected it to other social media accounts, the amount of likes & exposure just start rolling in, right?

Think again.

Follow along as we break down the top 5 ways to get more likes on Instagram:

How to get more followers on instagram.

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#1. Always Engage With Your Followers

If you want people to like your posts, then you have to start interacting with your followers. Mention users that you think may benefit from your information, or direct message them a link to something they would enjoy reading. Make sure they are in your niche!

Let’s take a look at a couple other ways you can try:

  • Liking their photos
  • Comment on their content
  • Tagging them to other pictures

Acknowledge the ones that follow you, and chances are they will return the favor. Building a personal relationship via the internet can be tricky, but staying engaged can open up more opportunities down the road.


#2. Develop Irresistible & Relatable Content
how to get more instagram likes

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Take a look at the top Instagram accounts.

What do they all have in common? Pictures that pop out with meaningful emotions. Telling your story with images can really create an impact on your followers.

Don’t try too hard to post the perfect picture. Authenticity cannot be duplicated. The easiest way to improve your exposure is by uploading content that everyone can relate to.

Use correct punctuation, and honestly think about the type of pictures you like yourself. Adding a caption can make your images stand out from others, as it shows you are the real person behind the posts.


#3. Hashtags Help! (With a limit, of course.)

Instagram users are starting to utilize the hashtag more frequently than ever before. Be aware of which words you choose to use.

Thousands of images are uploaded by the minute, so it’s highly likely your hashtag will be missed if you use a more common word.

People tend to ask, how many hashtags should I use?

3 is a good number to start with. Increasing the amount can come off as too spammy, so try to avoid slapping useless words on your posts. Although this is a great method to gain more followers, it will not always result in more likes.

Loyal followers are better than random followers. Remember that.

Check out SproutSocial’s article on why you need to use hashtags. 

get more likes on instagram

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#4. Share Your Photos At The Right Times

You can’t get likes if nobody ever sees your images. Uploading your content at 4am is probably not the best thing to do. The average human being is usually asleep at this time anyways.

According to The Huffington Post, 5pm is the most beneficial time to be sharing your photos. 

People tend to check their social media platforms around the time they are getting ready to leave their offices. Majority work the typical 9-5 hours during the weekdays, and are looking to do some browsing.

Your post has around a 2.2 hour lifespan, so it is highly recommended that you implement these strategies!

The chart below shows an accurate illustration of when to hop on and do some uploading:

how to get more likes on instagram

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In Conclusion

What about you? How are you attempting to get more Instagram likes? If there is something missing from the list, I would greatly appreciate you sounding off below in the comments!

Thank you for reading my blog, and please subscribe for more exclusive social media tips!

Follow These 3 Effortless Steps To Stop Failing At Twitter

Twitter utilization is gaining momentum by the hour. With over 430,000 new users signing up each day, now is the time to get your piece of this pie. Businesses that implement this social media giant are already ahead of the game.

For the newbies out there, knowing where to start can be an issue of its own. Do you ask everyone for a follow back? What about those pushy users that grill you with annoying tweets about how their product can make you rich overnight? Should you be doing these same things to gain credibility?

Absolutely not.

This might work for people who have already purchased products from them, but for most, it is simply frustrating. Don’t make the same mistakes other companies have made.

Before you try being a Twitter guru, take a look at these 3 effortless ways to stop failing at Twitter:

Stop Looking For Just Sales

Imagine yourself being in the market for a car. You know you have to somehow look around the dealerships without getting bombarded by those pushy sales associates. They all have a negative stigma surrounding them, due to their aggressive (and annoying) tactics. Please don’t be this person. You will lose followers fast.

If you want to stop failing at twitter, stop being pushy!

Instead of trying to make a quick buck, consider 2 things first:

  • Informing your customer will add way more value to your product.
  • Promote items that you are familiar with yourself.

When you educate your consumers about your inventory, this creates an impact on them. People fear what they don’t know, so explaining WHY & HOW opens up a whole new opportunity for you & potential buyers. When you come off as knowledgeable in your field, clients are more inclined to do business with you.

Being familiar with a certain good or service you use adds extreme meaning to what you’re trying to accomplish. I cannot stress this enough. Buyers can see right through you when you’re viewing them as another commission check. Sure, cashing in on quick sales are great & all, but if you build a relationship with them, they will continue to come back.


Include Pictures & Videos

Incorporating images and video clips can help you stand out from your competition. In fact, tweets with photos drive much higher engagement across all metrics. I have personally used a website called pixabay.com. You can choose from over 740,000 images all at no cost. There are multiple categories to browse through, giving your image a distinct look.


Image result for using media in your tweets


Here is a list of three different types of media you can choose to stand out:

  1. Video
  2. GIF
  3. Images

Mix & match them all, or only use one, it’s up to you. Twitter also has a new feature where you can attach more than one image to your tweets. Make them pop out. Think about links you click on yourself. Try adding a comment with your images, as tweeting it with no caption tends to gain less attention.

Neil Patel’s Blog demonstrates a perfect layout on each of his posts, inserting quality images that grab your attention. A lot of the top internet marketers use at least one type of media in majority of their articles. There is tons of information to help you stop failing at twitter as well.


Try To Tweet Content More Frequent

Most Twitter users ignore some of their tweets, especially if they have a large amount of followers. Notoriously scrolling through your feed becomes natural, and sometimes quality information is overlooked. Try to spread it out a little bit so people outside the United States can engage as well.


The easiest way to monitor which tweets receive the most impressions, is by using your twitter analytics. You can view them by clicking on view profile while on your desktop dashboard. It is common for people to schedule their tweets  with their same information, as it can benefit you in 2 ways:

  •  You can reach different time zones increasing engagement
  • People who missed it the first time may see it now

Global outreach is important on Twitter if you’re operating a business. You can gain revenue from expanding your demographic areas of production. Canada, Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom all have thousands of active users themselves. Learn more here about international engagement. 


Image result for tweet more

Tweeting more has proven to increase your followers.


What About You?

Which methods would you suggest to stop failing at Twitter? Are they working so far?

Please chime in on the comments section below to let us know your thoughts! I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Follow me on Twitter for more tips & strategies!